About Us
Established in Hong Kong since 1975, Mansfield Manufacturing Co. Ltd., is a leading metal specialist with extensive experience in metal stamping, die fabrication and precision machining industry. Our commitment is to produce high-quality metal stamping solutions with expertise and advanced technology. Our goal is to provide the most competitive services and products to global customers and to continuously invest in new technology and develop our operational structure to create value for our customers.
We have five manufacturing sites in China, one in Thailand, and one in Vietnam, with total plant area of over two hundred thousand square feet, as well as 750 stamping presses that offer dynamic capacity ranges, computer numerical control machines, along with various dedicated devices and automation equipment, to constantly provide high-quality products and services and meet the demands of our customers in the sectors of office automation, automotive and electronic vehicles, consumer electronics, medical devices, mobility device and so on.
To achieve high efficiency and high quality, we are committed to adopting advanced machineries and equipment to enhance our capabilities in areas as precision stamping, CNC machining and product surface processing. We are also active in equipping our personnel with continual training to keep them updated on the latest innovations.
Today, Mansfield Group is working closely in line with industry trends so to excel in all that we do. We have a clear mission and we hold firmly to our core values. Working as a concerted team, we work tirelessly towards our vision to become the truly trustworthy partner in the precision manufacturing industry.