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Client Distribution
One-Stop Solution
Our customer-focused team is ready to handle various requests from our clients, ranging from designing parts and manufacturing to cleansing and assembly. We offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for our customers.
Comprehensive Advanced Technology and Equipment
We continue to furnish our production plant with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce various metal parts and finished products.
Professional Design Team to Ensure Top-Notch Quality
Our highly diversified and professional design team is capable of research and development, and design unique products that cater to our clients’ needs. With stringent control on production flow and on‐time delivery, we aim for “zero‐defect” products that adhere to international standards.
Competent and Customer - Oriented Team
Our highly competent and well‐trained team is equipped and experienced in handling important projects. The closely‐knit team also works conscientiously to ensure deliverables are ready in a timely manner.
Unrivalled Technical Foundation
With over 30 years of experience, the Group has manufactured over a million pieces of high‐quality parts and dies. This impressive track record has helped us secure the leading position in the industry.
Agile Logistics Management
Our computerized logistics operation management system has not only helped to enhance production efficiency and minimize cost, it has also boosted the Group’s competitiveness, and in turn benefits our clients.