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Introduction of Feng Chuan Tooling (Dongguan) Company Limited
Established in 2000 and initially a Die Division of Mansfield Manufacturing Factory, Feng Chuan Tooling (Dongguan) Company Limited is now separately registered and becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mansfield Group after years of expansion and development.
Armed with 30 years of solid experience in die fabrication and specialised in precision die design and fabrication, Feng Chuan earns itself a professional name competent in handling ranges of dies, regardless of tons. In addition to regular Single Hit Dies, we are also fully equipped to manufacture Progressive Dies of over 600 tons. Our professional design team is also well-versed in offering customised solutions for customers. All these capabilities put Feng Chuan ahead of other Chinese counterparts in the industry.
Feng Chuan started its manufacturing plant in Fengguan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province but relocate to Tangxia in May 2015 to be integrated into tooling division of Sun Mansfield to enhance operational efficiency and reduce administrative expenses. The plant occupies a total floor area of 5,000 square metres and employs a staff of around 100 people. Feng Chuan focuses in manufacturing die for use in industries such as Auto Parts, Office Automation Equipment, Home Appliances, Computer related products and Consumer Electronics. We are proud to be truthfully trusted by well known manufacturers both locally and internationally.